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In this essay I am going to discuss the character of Macbeth, from the

famous Shakespearian play of the same name. I shall show the themes of the

play, the effects of character and action and Shakespeare's use of language

and linguistic devices.

In scene two we learn that Macbeth is a brave soldier as he is said to be

'brave Macbeth' by his captain in the army, a 'worthy gentleman' by the

king and also 'noble'. In the battle against Norway he does well and is

rewarded by Duncan, the king.

We have a different view of him in the next scene when Macbeth meets the

witches on the heath and they predict what will happen to him. He shows

great interest in the witches. He is gullible when the witches' first prediction

comes true. Banquo is there too, but has not taken the advice of the witches

showing he does not believe in them.

We find that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have a close relationship and that

she knows him well. The scene starts off with Lady Macbeth reading a letter

from her husband explaining what the witches said and that he has been

hailed 'Thane of Cawdor'. He writes 'This have I thought good to deliver

thee (my dearest partner of greatness....)'. This may be due to him thinking

of murder twice in the previous scenes. Lady Macbeth sees her husband's

nature is too considerate, too "full o th milk of human kindness" and is

determined to persuade him to do whatever it takes to become king.

We learn more about Macbeth when he talks about his doubts and reasons

for not killing the king. He thinks that killing the king would be wrong and he

is only thinking of it because he is very...