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Through the plot schemes of both William Shakespeare's Macbeth and the 1970's movie version by Roman Polanski, it is quite evident that there are numerous discrepancies of the modernization between the two works. Although when comparing Roman Polanski's version of Macbeth with the original text written by William Shakespeare we can see that his work is in keeping with Shakespeare's to an extent. However, Polanski adds more innovations to show the more natural side of things which is realistic to the modern audience. William Shakespeare writes of a man who is selfish, self destructive and obsessed with becoming ruler of society while the reenactment of Polanski's work is focused on the journey of becoming King and does not depict how intensely greedy Macbeth actually is. Shakespeare does not display the murder of Royalty in the play as it was frowned upon during this era. Whereas Polanski takes license to create a visual to demonstrate the murder in greater detail.

In Shakespeare's play, Lady Macbeth reads the letter written by her husband which writes of him becoming Thane of Cawdor and the three prophecies of the witches and does not refer to it again. However in the Polanski version, Lady Macbeth is devastated by the letter and kills herself as a result.

One of the primary differences found between the two works is the absence of the scene in which Polanski's version took place in England. In the Shakespearean version of Macbeth, the scene in which Mac Duff ventures off to England in search for King Duncan's son, Malcolm is described in great detail. Shakespeare describes the struggles encountered by Mac Duff in convincing Malcolm to return and fight the new found King Macbeth in the name of his father. However in Polanski's version, the scene is plotted at...