Macbeth Lady Macbeth is the controlling character in the story

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In a few cases, a successful but vengeful man or king is influenced and controlled by a power hungry and treacherous woman. This idea can be related to William Shakespeare's tragic hero, Macbeth, and his wife, Lady Macbeth. The relationship between these two can barely be called a marriage; although, it seems to be apparent that they have some sort of attraction to each other because of the scene when he returns from the first war. Never the less their relationship is very similar to a relationship between the playground bully and the school nerd, or a parasite to its host.

Lady Macbeth, in the beginning of the play, holds a power that influences and controls Macbeth. She persuades him to kill King Duncan. She constantly is insulting and belittling her husband to do thing for her advancement and then sweetly speaks of the future of her being queen and him as king.

She may appear to want to get the best for her husband but is secretly thinking of plans to create a better position for herself. Lady Macbeth does know that she cannot achieve this herself, but uses Macbeth as a pawn in her plan to gain personal power. It is a direct assent of Lady Macbeth's wishings to become a powerful queen that Macbeth murders King Duncan. The first instance the reader sees of Lady Macbeth's hunger for power is when she receives the letter from her husband, which describes his meeting with the witches. Immediately after putting down his letter, she is driven to achieve the goal of becoming queen. The first thing that Lady Macbeth says in reply to the news is that she fears that Macbeth will not be able be cruel and treacherous enough to become king.