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An Analysis of Lady Macbeth’s Performance in William Shakespeare’s MacbethWhen a person reads one of William Shakespeare’s plays, the play requires that person to imagine many of the attributes of the characters. The person must imagine the characters’ appearances, their actions, and, most importantly, the emotions with which the actors and actresses perform their lines. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a large portion of the play relies on the actors’ and actresses’ emotions. Perhaps the most important character, based on emotions, is Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth’s actions and emotions are portrayed very well by the actress and producers of the play.

While watching a performance of Macbeth, it becomes clear from the beginning that Lady Macbeth is very emotional. Jane Lapotaire plays Lady Macbeth in this production of Macbeth. There are three major situations during which Lady Macbeth’s emotions are very important. These emotions are not only influential to the perception of Lady Macbeth, but they are also influential to the play itself.

The first situation during which Lady Macbeth’s emotions play an important part occurs when she initially discovers that Macbeth is Thane of Cawdor. Initially, the news stuns her, but later she begins to imagine Macbeth and herself as King and Queen of Scotland. She begins to plan the murder of the Scotland’s current king, Duncan. When she discusses this idea with Macbeth, he is very uncertain, and she challenges his manhood. Throughout this scene, Lapotaire speaks with great emotion, but she also gives the impression that she is a dark and demonic figure, an image that intensifies throughout the play.

Another situation occurs after Macbeth becomes King of Scotland. The Macbeths have people over for a feast, and, during the feast, Macbeth orders three murderers to kill one of his friends, a man...