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Use the original play to compare and contrast with one or both of the film versions studied. What has Polanski done to the original text? (use close reference to the text to answer your question)Shakespeare's Macbeth was essentially about a man who craved power and when a prophecy was revealed that he would indeed gain this power, Macbeth wasn't satisfied. Instead, he went to great lengths to ensure that his power lasted longer than it should have. He went along with the evil plans of his wife, Lady Macbeth, and put himself in a position that destroyed his self respect, ruined his pride, degraded his honor, and spoiled his integrity; all in order to possess; and maintain the crown.

Both, William Shakespeare and Roman Polanski, tell the story of Macbeth, a hero flawed by ambition and tempered by conscience and both portray themes such as violence, deceptive appearances and the natural order in the world.

However, the techniques they use to portray some of these themes are different.

The theme of violence is presented in throughout Polanski's Macbeth. Throughout the film we are witness to bear-baiting, laughter from Duncan and the thanes when they hear how Macbeth killed Macdonald, view Macbeth's gruesome stabbing of Duncan, the slaughter of Banquo, and other vicious depictions of violence.

This violence may be linked to Polanski's personal life where not only was he a Jewish survivor of the holocaust but his wife Sharon Tate and his unborn child had been brutally murdered by Charles Manson. It's suggested that this experience had resulted in the violent and brutal interpretation of scenes such as the one where Lady Macbeth tries unsuccessfully to run away from the murderers, here Polanski provides a horrific reminder of what fate awaited Lady Macduff as we see a servant girl being...