Macbeth Response Act Three

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Macbeth Response

Act Three

Scene one of act three was really a shock to me. I just cannot comprehend why somebody would kill their so-called best friend, just on a hunch that they suspected them of murder. I had predicted that Macbeth would not go through with the murder, but I was proved to be wrong in act three when the murders did in fact kill Banquo but failed to kill Fleance. I was actually really pleased that Fleance got away. The thing that I am still confused about is who is the third murder? It is obvious by the dialog between Macbeth and the third murder that they know each other, but I really don't have a clue who it is! I hope that the identity of the third murderer is revealed later on in the play. In the following scenes when the Macbeths are suffering from insomnia I think they are getting what they deserve, but also it shows the continuation of the unnatural events that followed the murder.

Macbeth also gets what he deserves when the ghost of Banquo appears at his banquet. After all, he killed him, so its only right that he be haunted by the man he killed and also haunted by guilt. Lastly I predict that his guilt (and maybe the ghost) will further haunt Macbeth throughout the rest of the play.