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Macbeths Downfall

Many things in life can lead people to an unpleasant ending. You can be

demolished in many ways that you would never think. For example, the book Macbeth by

William Shakespeare, Macbeth was brought to his defeat by the three witches, his wife

Lady Macbeth, and himself. He was driven to commit wickedness, which drove him to


In life predictions can take you to where you never thought it could lead you to. In

Macbeth, the three witches also known as the weird sisters had a vast influence on

Macbeths end. The witches had evil thoughts. They messed with Macbeths mind, making

him think that no one could ruin him. The witches drove Macbeth to commit murders.

Violence was the key to their power as they thought it could bring them to high

standards. Their predictions for Macbeth drove him to murder Duncan, to order Banquos

and Banquos son's death.

The influences by the witches lead Macbeth to one event to

another leading to his destruction.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth had a strong love connection. Lady Macbeth had also

a great amount to do with Macbeth's destruction. Lady Macbeth persuaded him to

commit the crimes he did. Macbeth could not say "No" even knowing what he was about

to do was wrong, Lady Macbeth was the dominant one in this relationship. Another way

why Macbeth was lead to this was because Lady Macbeth would question him about his

manliness until he felt that he must murder someone and prove to himself that he is a

man. Lady Macbeth pushed Macbeth to commit the crimes.

Macbeth was led by wicked thoughts of the witches. Being told that he will be

made thane of cawdor he had a great desire for power. He killed people for his own...