Macbeth, by William Shakespeare

Essay by rachael March 2003

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In the play "macbeth" by William Shakespeare, Macbeth was an important character as he showed us what greed can do to a human.

In the beginning of the play Macbeth was a brave and loyal soilder."brave Macbeth."Macbeth was honest,he would do anything for his king and his country.Macbeth was brave and fearless when he knew what he was doing was right and felt justified in doing so, Macbeth began to lose bravery when he questioned if he was doing the right thing.AT this piontin the palay Macbeth was not tempted by anything to become deviuos.Later on in the play Macbeth gets knowldge that he could become king."hail Macbeth, you will be king here after."It is this knowledge that macbeth has that makes him deviuos, and plots to kill king duncan.

Macbeth has now become the complete opposite to what he was before he killed king duncan.

Macbeth is now greedy and dishonest.He also has become evil and an uncaring king.It was this knowledge that has changed Macbeth for the worst, as now macbeth does not care that his wife has died.Inturn this proves that without a moral code there is no point in living this hollow life.

Macbeth has taught us an important lesson.That it is importannt to keep a moral code and that deviousness can destroy your life.