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Macbeth was a great play written by a well known and very influential writer; William Shakespeare. He tells a story about a Scottish general whom is praised and loved for his heroic actions. He soon receives a prophecy from 3 evil witches that foretells his future as the next king. His ambition and lust for power, drives him kill king Duncan and seize the throne for himself. During his reign as king, he turns into a tyrannical ruler whom is successful in corrupting Scotland's political and moral health. Shakespeare gives a strong and moral message in Macbeth that taking the path of evil in life can only lead to destruction. This is clearly shown when Macbeth loses his peace of min, the close relationship with his wife, and the respect of his subjects and former peers. Scotland in nearly destroyed under his rule.

Once Macbeth hears of the witches prophecy, it starts to dwell in his mind and he loses his sense of right and wrong.

He starts off by killing Duncan and as soon as he sees how true the witches prophecy has become, he seems destined and unstoppable to secure the prophecy. But once his killing spree starts, hes plagued with sleepless nights and hallucinations. As he was warned the night he killed Duncan "sleep no more macbeth does murder sleep" (11.ii35/36). As the number of murders Macbeth commits increases, his mental health becomes even more unstable. The incident at the banquet proved not only to his wife but to the readers, that Macbeth is incapable of dealing with the aftermath of the murders hes committed. His guilty conscious helps make the ghost of Banquo appear to him . Macbeth was unable to control himself, and he ended up allowing the visions and anxieties to get the best...