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Some people are born with the instinct to become leaders. These are the people that make changes while other people think about making a change, but don?t act upon it. A leader is a person who knows what to do when situations occur. A leader is a person that is admired but also is feared. Many people have fallen from a leadership position because they didn?t do what needed to be done. Machiavelli taught about the principals of a leader in his book The Prince. A leader that is a great example of Machiavellis? teaching is George W. Bush.

Due to recent events in the United States, the president George Bush has had to make some difficult decisions. These decisions that he makes reflects not only his ideas and beliefs but also the people in which he governs. With terrorist attacks against the United States he has been put in a position to chose between taking a stand or just not doing anything.

In The Prince there is a statement, which says, ?It is much safer to be feared than loved.? George Bush reacted to what happened against our country and punished the Taliban for all the wrong they had done to our country. (Even though this might have been the only thing that you think could have been done.) Our leader also has to think about what controversy he might get because the Taliban is of the Muslim faith. With this he did what needed to be done and he waged war not against Afghanistan, but against terrorism. This would bring shocking popularity gain in responses from the people of the United States of America.

The people of America shockingly were in support of what George Bush was doing. A week after he waged war against terrorism eighty-seven...