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If Machiavelli was alive today, and was hired as a consultant by the U.S.

government to advise it on the occupation of Iraq, he would tell the U.S. that they

would need to go into Iraq, help out the poor people, but not get them rich, help out

the rich, but not let them get any richer. Leave the laws as they are, or if to change

them ask the people what they would like, help out the neighbors and get as many

allies as possible, so that way there would be no possible chance of getting over


Machiavelli in his book says that a good prince thinks of all the possibilities that

can occur when in power. If there would be an oncoming war, think of what would

happen if you would try to avoid the war, and think of what would happen if you

would go into battle.

Try to think of all the allies that would be involved, and see how

you can help them, so they would not turn their backs on you, and try to take over

your territory. Or if an ally is at war, help them out, because otherwise, they might

go after you once the battler is over.

Once a prince takes over a city, the best thing to do is help out the people who

live there, so that way you can have their full support and wont have to worry about

anyone trying to take power from you. Helping out the people in Iraq would mean feed

the poor and make sure they have some support for you, but not too much because they

cant really do any thing to harm your ruling. Help out the rich, by making sure they

have what they need, and also have...