Machiavellian Maneuvers Of The Latter-Day Pharaoh

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Machiavellian Maneuvers Of The Latter-Day Pharaoh

Hosni Mubarak, the 4th president of the Arab Republic of Egypt and an American-backed militarist dictator who has ruled for more than twenty-nine years, is a Machiavellian figure who has used force of the state and the army to repress his people and solidify his hold on power. And in as much as he has built up and relied upon the 'fortress' of the security-state-in-a-perpetual-state-of-emergency for maintaining his rule, rather than earning the goodwill of his people, he has erred fatally, and, I will argue, is reaping what he has sown, if the current youth revolution is anything to go by.

Throughout his career, Mubarak has essentially followed a steady is best, change-averse and fascistic approach to governance, by outlawing, outmaneuvering, and imprisoning independent political parties, agendas, non-governmental organizations and revoking the people's civil liberties by not only perpetuating but strengthening the state of emergency he re-instated on assuming office.

He certainly appreciates the importance of appearances and had not only constituted a rubber stamp parliament to 'elect' him and 'sanction' his agenda, but had also held periodic referendums to confirm these votes, and even allowed token opposition parties to contest 'free and fair' elections from 2005 onwards-which he won with some 90% of the votes each time. But he has misruled. Corruption, economic stagnation, poverty, and unemployment have plagued the country, and his routine sacrifices of national interest for personal and familial gain via corrupt arms and privatization deals have inflamed the population. His reflexive support of American-Israeli interests alienated the population who see him as betraying the Palestinian and Pan-Arabic cause.

He is a rather Machiavellian character as can be gleaned from his trust in good arms, and use of them to create 'good' laws to establish his rule, but his...