MacLoughlin Case.

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The Charles W. MacLoughlin Company.

Problem Identification: Regional Manager, Tom Hoffman who is in charge of the Northeast Region has had three employees put in their notice of resignation due to his lack in leadership function, communication skills, and ethics.

Factors Contributing to the Problem: Tom Hoffman who took over the Northeast Region 18 months ago doesn't have a lot of experience with the many technical functions performed in a region. Tom is more concerned in advancing his career, than he is with taking care of business in the region. Tom goes to all the corporate level meetings himself, which is unusual because this is a chance for his Product Managers to brief upper management on their projects and any new ideas that they have for improving the company. After these meetings Tom rarely remembers to brief his staff on what he learned in the meeting. Tom has forgotten the tasks of managing everybody underneath him and motivating them to do a good job.

Analysis Using Text Theories: Managers get things done through the effective use of their staff as contrasted with the way employees get things done. Tom had a primary responsibility to exercise his management skills and functions: 1) Human relation skills which is the ability to work effectively with other people. Human relation skills include the ability to communicate with, motivate, and understand other people, in which Tom did not. 2) Leading is influencing employees to act (or not act) in a certain way. Tom is responsible for letting employees know what is expected of them and for inspiring and motiviating them to do good work. Finally, Tom had absolutley no ethics which is the principles by which people distinguish what is morally right. Tom didnt care about anyone but himself, by not effectively communicating with his...