Macmillan Cancer Relief: Advertising Campaign

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Macmillan's help is at hand

Although the government has increased its investment in primary cancer treatment, patients still face difficulty accessing benefits. Macmillan Cancer Relief believed it was time for a campaign to tackle the financial hardship of patients.

Macmillan hired your agency to design the campaign and supplied you with the following objectives.


To generate publicity and to highlight benefits such as disability allowance.

To drive traffic to the campaign website and hotline.


Zero-based budget (no limitations).

1. Acknowledgement

Due to the limited word-count, parts of the report were transferred to the Appendix sections. For further information concerning the time scale and budget please refer to the appropriate appendix section as advised in the text.


Macmillan Cancer Relief is one of the largest British charities and provides free care and support to sufferers of cancer.

It is best known for its funding of 2,500 Macmillan Nurses, specialist nurses who work in hospitals, hospices and the community.

The charity also funds 300 doctors in addition to various training posts and other patient support staff such as dieticians, radiographers and clinical psychologists. They have also founded over 100 cancer care centres within the UK, operated by the National Health Service.

The charity was founded, as the Society for the Prevention and Relief of Cancer in 1911 by Douglas Macmillan following the death of his father from the disease. In 1924 the name was changed to the National Society for Cancer Relief, which it retained until 1989 when it was changed to Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund, later changed again to Macmillan Cancer Relief.

It grew slowly at first, appointing its first full time staff member as late as 1930, and its first Macmillan Nurse, now the best known of the charity's services, in 1975 and its...