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I am pleased that the majority of letters printed in The Star reveal the sympathetic approach with regard to Hansie's trial. However, it is not really Hansie himself that I am concerned about. What appalls me is South Africa's feeble attempt to prove courageous and dignified to the rest of the cricket world.

It is obvious that their South African condemnation and public humiliation of Hansie is merely an attempt to regain their worldly status which was lost during he apartheid years. Any evidence of the Australian heroes Mark Waugh and Shane Warne 'fixes' were immediately hidden from the media.

Instead of devoting time and money to what has become a public spectacle, the situation should have been settled, away from the media. Hansie receiving a suspension, his captaincy removed, yet still being an asset to South Africa allowed to continue playing but with heavy restrictions. South Africa may have shown that they won't tolerate fraud, but as Rita Daly pointed out, the true crimes of murder and hijackings are ignored.

Where is the balance? Why are famous men humiliated more than one average man. To me, Hansie Cronje is one innocent scapegoat of an unbalanced, corrupt society.

Yours faithfully