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Madagascar is a big island off the southeastern coast of Africa. It is full of some rare and exotic animals that are only found in Madagascar. Madagascar is called The Republic of Madagascar and nicknamed "Land of the living fossil" because of its unusual plants and unusual plants and its unusual animals. Madagascar's capital is Antanarivo. Madagascar is composed of one big islands and a few smaller islands that are adjacent to the big island. The population of Madagascar is 16,423,477. The area of Madagascar is 226,657 square miles. The highest point of Madagascar is the Tsaratana Massif. The lowest point in Madagascar is sea level. The official languages is Madagascar are Malagasy and French although the history of the Malagasy is not documented. To say hi to someone in Malagasy would be saying Manoahoantompoka. The malagasy language uses the Roman Alphabet. Madagascar became a french Prectorate in 1885.

Madagascar is a republic and multiple socialist party. Madagascar is governed by a head of state who runs a 5 year term. Madagascar became a colony in 1896 and won its independence on June 26, 1960. Then under the socialist constitution the name was changed to The republic of Madagascar.

The life expectancy of males is about 53.5 years old and the life expectancy of females is about 58.1. Most of the rare and exotic animals are now only found in Madagascar, such as the lemur. The lemur is a primate like animal. The monetary unit in Madagascar is the Franc. The Franc is equal to a centoine, which is equal to a dollar here in the U.S.. The average diet of the Malagasy consists of rice, cassava, and brettes. Every Friday the people go to the Zoma which is like a mall here in America. The houses of the...