Madaline as a Vampire

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A noisy squeak, a sudden light, a flying bat and a deadly bite - the fate of every vampire's victim. These creatures, concealed by the veil of the night, are one of the most terrifying offspring of the Evil World. Nobody knows whether they are part of the shocking reality or just a scary legend but after the notorious Graff Dracula, the fear of Carpathian mountain mystique beings controls the minds of the people. Their evil and ruthless power becomes a source of inspiration for writers, trying to provoke the human imagination and inner fears. The horror stories are the "perfect home" for vampires, who feel comfortable in the atmosphere of deserted estates, covered with gloomy fog and voiceless darkness. The mood that Poe creates in The fall of the house of Usher over the character of Madaline reminds of a vampire behavior. Her creepy appearance and strange behavior, examined on the background of the spooky and blood-red house, strengthen the idea that Madaline relies on his brother vital powers to survive.

Madeline's appearance is the most mystical part in this story. The reader seas her a few times during the night. Usually vampires can be seen at that time because during the day the sun and light hurt them. She's so pale and seems like she's already dead. Her sickness is unexplainable - Madeline is senseless. She can't feel anything just like dead people. On the other hand, she is very strong. When she is locked in the casket, she has the strength to go out. This is another characteristic of a vampire because it's impossible for normal people to do this. That's why the description of Madaline and her actions confirm that Poe describes in his story a vampire behavior.