Madame Butterfly Review Questions

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HUM 1133 Introduction to Fine Arts

Madame Butterfly viewing questions

1. Why was Pinkerton in Japan?

He was a tourist.

He was an American Consul.

He was on military duty.

He wanted to visit his sister, Cio-Cio San.

2. What famous composer wrote the music in "Madame Butterfly?"




Aaron Copland

3. What famous film maker adapted the version for the most recent film?

Francis Ford Coppola

George Lucas

John Cameron

Martin Scorcese

4. What language was the music written and performed in?





5. When Suzuki first began to question Pinkerton's return, Cio Cio San was:

a. picking flowers

b. praying to the gods

c. at the sewing machine

d. writing a letter

6. When Goro came to speak to Cio Cio San about a new suitor:

a. She and Suzuki beat him with paddles, running him off.

b. Suzuki had the servants send him away

c. Suzuki offered him tea

d. She and Suzuki asked about a man for Suzuki

7. The characters of Cio-Cio San and Pinkerton had voices best classified as:

a. Soprano and alto b. alto and tenor c. soprano and bass d. soprano and tenor

8. What did Butterfly's son fear would happen if she continued to decorate in preparation for Pinkerton's return?

a. She would be gravely disappointed.

b. He would be taken away from her.

c. The trees would go bare.

d. She would be exhausted after staying up all night.

9. Who first warned Pinkerton of the consequences of his actions towards Butterfly?




The Bonge

10. In the opening scene, we meet Cio-Cio San doing what?

a. Catching the eye of the Lieutenant in a neighborhood pub. b. Picking lotus blossoms in her garden. c. Making her way with several young...