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All In a Days Work

The raven wind blistered through the trees on a brisk December night as James sat awake contemplating the difficult decision he knew he would soon have to make. Tomorrow was the final day his tenant had to move all of her possessions out of the apartment otherwise they were to be thrown to the curb. "No sweat" he thought, as he tried to comfort himself to sleep. "I've done this type of thing for years, besides she's known for three months. Pay or hit the road." "Clap, clap" out went the lights. True he's owned the eight unit apartment complex for close to five years, but nothing could have prepared him for the day he evicted Ms. Jenkins.

The hours crept through the night, and soon the sun pierced the busy city. People rushed to work, got ready for school, the usual mourning routine. James awoke and reluctantly left his warm bed.

"Ahhh. Ohhh." His back hurt more than usual today, must have been a rough night of slumber. Nonetheless he got ready for the day. 8am, James grabbed his master key and the new door lock on his way out the door. He sloshed through the snow on his short trip to the designated building.

Arriving at his destination he removed the numerous letters that were taped to Ms. Jenkins door, and entered the apartment. Anything that may have had great value was already gone. All that remained was piles of dusty pictures, two black garbage bags full of clothing, and a few pieces of furniture that he could remove by himself. He always dreaded this type of thing, but it's part of the job. Soon the contents of the apartment meet a nearby snow bank convenient for next day removal by the city.