Madness seems to be just around the corner..

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When life itself seems lunatic,

Who knows where madness lies...

Man is not perfect. He has his limits, for there are some things he cannot take. And once the world starts to shake, he'll be nothing, a nobody.

Yet man has his heart, his emotions, his self-control. He can pretend, disguise from his environment -- just to hide himself and his fear.

But again, he has his limits. He cannot be that way forever. Maybe tomorrow, next year, or perhaps even decades, he will give up. But during the process, he's not in himself. Things want to come out of his mind, he he just can't. And so these things just trouble his mind and his soul. And he begins to laugh, to cry, then laugh again -- for no definite reason. He loses his sanity.

No one ever thought he'll be mad -- for he acted normal, looked normal, and talked like a normal.

Blame cannot be put into him, for he was innocent, rather to the world.