Maestro Review, Author: Peter Goldsworthy

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Maestro Review

Maestro was written in 1989 by a talented South Australian writer named Peter Goldsworthy. It tells the tale of changes and a mutual close bonding between a young 15 year old student named Paul, and his arrogant and drunk pianist teacher, Eduard Keller.

The book is a 149 page novel, which proves to be quite readable for teenagers despite the fact that the words used in the novel are a bit difficult, Goldsworthy makes up for that by including many "juicy bits" to Maestro, seeing that he himself only reads novels for the good bits.

Maestro starts off with a very simple yet effective introduction. "First Impressions? Misleading of course" It doesn't give away too much information about the novel, but it gives you a small tinker of an idea on the changes that may occur in the story. The introduction is in Paul's perspective, when he says the first impressions were misleading, it indicates that there is a change in his impression towards Eduard Keller, and when Paul's perspective changes, he also changes himself.

The novel relates to "Corfu" somewhat, because it explains, or shows the Rites of Passages in which both of the characters, Paul an Matthew go through to find themselves, and to ultimately know who they are and where they belong.

John and Nancy Crabbe have come from north from dull and dry Adelaide to the sweaty and larger then life Darwin. With them, they bring a long their son Paul- a musical prodigal who thinks he knows it all. The second they arrive into this foreign place which is so different from the world they used to live in, John brings Paul to the 'only' piano teacher in the town, a man who possibly drowns himself in alcohol everyday, sits...