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Creative Writing Out of the Blue Laura Dalecka

The day began off like most previous Tuesdays; with the screech of my alarm. Flashes of sunlight blasted through the gap in my curtain as I dragged myself out of bed. I strolled up to the window and opened up the curtains. I take a glance out the window and all I see is the downtown financial district. The sunlight moved spontaneously around my room, lighting upon items; brown, oak shelves, books in alphabetical order and a picture of Austin in kindergarten. The radiant light bathed everything in a special glow but I found myself shivering.

I went through my everyday routine. I began by waking up Austin and getting him ready for school. As I got him ready I began to head towards the bathroom; I gazed blankly into the mirror, while brushing my long, brown hair, applying mascara and eye cream.

I froze for a minute, while staring deeply into my ocean like blue eyes. I glide my tongue across my pearl white teeth; tasting the taste of sharp spearmint toothpaste. Outside, the rumble of the early morning traffic started to rise like someone is turning up the volume.

Slamming the door behind me, I was greeted by the sight of yellow taxis speeding past. I walked down the stone steps outside my apartment building and the sun shot its smile at me. Tinted orange leaves hanging off the oak, threatening to fall; banana yellow taxies beeping past me; workers rushing, running towards the station. I stopped at a café just to get a quick snack and an espresso. Exhausted pushing through the throng, I walk down the subway stairs into darkness.

The approaching train was preceded by a blast of hot air, plastering my hair. Cloudy-faced tourists were heading...