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All I ever hear is Cosmo this and Cosmo that and at the time it had me under the impression of being a female bible the way I would see girls horded around it in high school. Speaking of high school, when I was a library proctor we had a group of girls file a petition to have them caring Cosmo and eventually the librarians caved and subscribed to the magazine. Having never read the magazine before Idecided to write about it. The overall purpose of this magazine is to inform girls of the latest fashions and give tips on getting guys. In the particular issue I read they have guy postcards and a section titled "all about guys" with pictures of half naked guys. The values that I found in Cosmo were love and sex because they have an article based on the wildest beach love stories and 5 tips on how to fall in love.

There is alot of

fashion in Cosmo with an article that gives 476 ways to look sexy for spring and also a complete section based on prom dresses , hairstyles & makeup tips.

The target audience of Cosmo are females between the ages of 17 and 26 because as the cover clearly states Cosmo Girl and also the fact that every article is

pointed directly at girls and so is all of the advertising. Most of the products advertised are perfumes and lotions and they mostly feature guys with hardly any clothing on. Of

the twenty-four guys pictured in the advertisements eleven are white, twelve are African-American and one is Asian the women totally dominate the magazine though with 98 and 80 of them being white, fourteen African-American, and four Asians.

It got me how in this magazine all of the guys...