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Magic At a party It was so loud. Shrieking everywhere, music blaring. People dancing, falling, singing. All a BLUR. The lights, fire, voices, what did she say? Cameras flashing, spots, tracers everywhere. My mouth in a permanent smile, but I feel confused, and scared. So I dance and sing, feeling better now, everything still a big streak. The people around me sauced out of their minds, or stoned. Me and three other girls sandwiched on a picnic table, dancing, just not caring.

Oh no! Who the hell are these wanderers. Oh well, their probably in the same state as I am. Feeling like a snob, I stick out my right hand, as they do. I can finally let loose, now that we're not strangers anymore. I am wide awake I am never going to get to sleep tonight. Time is going by so slow, I am so wierded out here, what am I supposed to do? Light another cigarette? Drink some more beer? Or"¦..No!!!

no more of that stuff. I'm going home.

At home I'll just go to sleep"¦"¦.

What the hell? A caterpillar in the sky, that thing is frickin' huge!! But it is such a beautiful day. Uhhhhhh my head hurts so bad. Oh my God, who's foot is that? Now There is a point to this, and it is"¦ DON'T DO DRUGS