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Invasion Peacefully living without expecting anything else and suddenly being invaded causes terror to your every day life. Invasion by J. Robert King sent a thrill with excitement for battle from the beginning. This story not just focuses on a main character but as the reader reads on, it will often focus on other characters and places as if they are the leaders of the story. The characters and people in Invasion experience the situation of being invaded and terrorized by a deadly evil, the Phyrexians.

Gerrard, the commander of the enchanted warship Weatherlight, starts this story in a fierce battle trying to survive and defeat Phyrexians. He and his crew escape in time to find an invasion in his hometown which ends up being destroyed and devoured by his enemies. He meets the leader, Tsabo Tavoc. She easily becomes his worst enemy with her strangely beautiful face, venomous sting, and deadly black heart which thirsts for dying blood.

As he chases to defeat the Phyrexians, she chases to defeat him as he humiliated her by fighting her and surviving to tell the tale. He and his crew fly into a portal to her world, Rath, and get caught in her web. They fight to the death which leads to her killing Gerrard's love and crew member Hanna. This act gives him revenge and more motive for her death. He traps her this time and with her skillful fighting he gets injured with one hit left before he dies then is saved by his best friend Tahngarth. Tahngarth, with his massive build, fights her with all his might after she has already been deeply injured by Gerrard.

Almost dead she traps Tahngarth in her clutches, but before she kills him with her sharp spider leg, Gerrard uses the rest of his might to stab her in the back of her head leading to their victory. They go back to defeat the remaining Phyrexians.

When the Phyrexians started the invasion in the world of Dominaria, they sent massive troops of hundreds of thousands each into the world. They sent their death and contaminated every living thing with their black plague. The powerful magicians Barrin and his best friend Urza the Planeswalker (which is one who walks through dimensions) see the invasion coming their way and decide to use their magic to create a mystical army and fight themselves with their sorceries and enchantments. These were aged men which Barrin lived a millennium and Urza lived four millennia. Urza had been the one to summon Gerrard from his military life to be the saviour of the world from the Phyrexians.

While he knew Gerrard couldn't defeat the Phyrexians with just his crew, he called on him to defeat the leaders, kill the majority of the enemy, turn into a god, and come back as a hero. Barrin and Urza fight with other mages which fight from the ground and cast spells to the flying enemy. They call upon angels and other holy beings to fight against the evil magic of the Phyrexians. Killing much of the enemy they aid in the seemingly constant fight of the invasion.

The Phyrexians even attacked other parts of the world not giving any exceptions.

The great forest of Yavimaya was forced to fight even. The leader of the the forest Multani saw the blackened creatures swarming the air and the goddess Gaea told him of the great attack coming for his forest. He sent his mind into all the beings and lifeforms in the forest to tell about the incoming invasion. Every creature from elf to beast gathered army in preparation for the enemy's arrival. As the Phyrexians crawled down the oldest tree in the forest, Heart of Yavimaya, they brought death with them and even the leaves would die with their stench. The tree attacked them with it's spikes crunching their organs and skulls, draining the poison out of them. The elves, beasts, and even the sprites attacked with all their might in protection for the forest. The creatures fought a hard fight and lost many, but also killing many. Multani had to eventually ask his old foes, the creatures of the seas and creatures of the mountains for aid. They willingly helped because of invasion of their own area. Multani was glad he allied with Urza as the magician also helped him by sending enchantments around the forest and helping him with armies. The Battle of Yavimaya ended in victory for the forest's side.

With the aid of all characters in this book the enemy was beaten, not by just one or two heroes, but with the help and unity of one world. Although this story is in different points of view, it is mainly all about one goal and revolves around not just one person, but one situation and many characters. It can be looked upon as simple as a war between good and evil. The time had come to defend home from invasion and the defenders succeeded.