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Earvin "Magic" Johnson

"Magic is head-and-shoulders above everybody else," Larry Bird once observed

in the Chicago Sun-Times. "I've never seen [anybody] as good as him." Earvin Johnson, a student at Michigan State University, was a former opponent of Larry Bird, not only in the National Basketball League (NBA), but also in the 1979 NCAA Championship game. "Magic" Johnson, as the guard, led the Michigan Spartans in a 25-5 season to win the National Title. After Johnson finished his sophomore year at Michigan he felt he had accomplished all he wanted in college. Earvin then left college, passing up the last two seasons and entered the 1979 NBA Draft.

Earvin Johnson knew from the start that he was meant to play basketball because he had a passion for the game deep within in his heart. Johnson would dribble the ball everywhere he went and at night he would sleep with his basketball by his side.

Anyone who saw Johnson play ball could see the passion overflowing on court by miraculous skills performed each and every game. Earvin Johnson was first noticed by the public when he attended Everett High School in Lansing, Michigan, where he had been seen and talked about since his freshman year. Sports writer Fred Stabley Jr. observed the fifteen year old on his home court and was astonished by the talent Johnson portrayed. Fred Stabley Jr. gave Earvin Johnson his legendary name "Magic" because of his miraculous ball handling and passing skills.

"Magic" Johnson, having complete confidence in his game, waited with anticipation and wondered which team he was going to be giving all his time and dedication to. The first round overall pick came (1st player chosen by any NBA Team) and the Los Angeles Lakers snatched Earvin Johnson before they would have to face his...