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I The Magician When looking at this assignment I immediately predicted I would fit best in one of the middle archetypes. After reviewing all the categories I realized my predicament was incorrect. In fact I didn't relate to any of the categories in the middle archetype. To my surprise I best related to the magician. Although I didn't agree with every category under magician it was still the best fit to me.

Religion to me is a very important aspect of life. It is there to guide, support, and mentally challenge you through the journey of life. It is also an extreme comfort to know there is someone watching you and ready to catch you with open arms when you fall. Every minute of everyday you are serving the Lord and if you truly believe that your life will take you through so many joyous moments, events, and experiences. These days too many people do not do things because of the cops, their parents, punishments, and fines but I feel you should look at every choice and think, "What is morally right?" I do not feel you need to attend church every Sunday or read the bible every night before bed because I feel those are examples of "exercises."

You do not need to be closing your eyes and preaching the gospel to have a steady faith and understand of your role in life. That's like saying you need to do push-ups and sit-ups every night before you go to bed in order to be in shape, when in reality you can just play a sport or run around and have fun and still be in good condition. As long as you have a caring heart, enjoy every day of your life, and do good deeds you are set to go. You do not even have to believe in God to do those things. I am very excepting of those who do not choose to believe God or do choose to believe in some other higher being. I may not understand or agree with their beliefs but I most certainly do not say they are wrong. With religion, freedom of choice and respect for others go hand in hand.

Having the company of other people is beneficial in many ways. Through people you discover peer relationships and peer relationships are something I am in love with. When you seek out the right people that friendship may be eternal. Peer relationships may consist of your best friends or just the people you smile to and say hello to in the hallways of school. Hopefully everyone is fortunate enough to have both because even when you are sad and feel lost or lonely friends are always there to make you smile. My best friends have done a great deal for me especially this past year. They have helped me figure out how to control, release, understand, and express my emotions. Many people tell me how emotionally strong and stable I am considering the things I have went through this past year. But when my friends tell me that I say thank you and I am not accepting the compliment as much as I am actually thanking them because they are the ones responsible for how I conduct myself. I learn most of my emotional knowledge through my friends. That is also why I enjoy working in groups for certain activities. When you work alone you only know one way to solve the problem and that one way if your way. But when you work in a group you discover many different techniques to solving a problem which is much more beneficial in the long run.

The way I look at my life and vocations is very optimistic. I find my true persona to be a very joyous, abundant, accepting, faithful, and a prosperous one. Whether I live in shack when I am older or a five-story mansion I will be happy as long as I am with the man I love. You can give me anything in life and I am always capable of finding the positives. Tragedy may strike but I am often the one to say, "It was meant for one reason or another and in the long run it will work out for the best." With my true most apparent persona I find my vocation to be self-satisfying. I enjoy working with children a great deal so when I baby-sit I refuse the money. I look at it as the parents gave me the chance to play with children and that is what makes me happy. When I teach three-year-olds to swim I feel that is one of the most self-satisfying things one can do. I teach little children techniques to stabilize themselves in water so they can experience that enjoyment. Working and teaching children is more than money can offer. It is truly a reward in itself.

The qualities of myself that I just expressed related best with the magician archetype. The above is who I am and who I always want to be whether my title, a magician, seems realistic or not. There is no such thing as magic but there is such a thing of my personality and outlooks on life so I the magician will do my best to make myself as realistic as possible