How Magnets Affect Computer Disks

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How Magnets Affect Computer Disks


One of the most commonly used Computer data storaged mediums is a Computer

Disk or a Floppy. These are used in everyday life, in either our workplace or at home.

These disks have many purposes, such as:

Storing data: Floppies can be used to store software/data for short preiods of time,

Transferring data: Floppies are used to transfer/copy data from one computer to


Hiding data: Floppies are also sometimes used to hide sensitive or confidential data,

because of the disk's small size it can be hidden very easily.

Advertising: Because floppies are cheap to buy, they are used to advertise different types

of software, such as: Software for the internet advertised on America Online Floppies.

Floppies are also considered to be very sensitve data storage mediums. These

Disks have numerous advantages and disadvanteges. Even though floppies are used so

commonly they are also not very dependable.

They have numerous conditions under which

they should normally be kept. For example: the actuall magnetic disk inside the hard cover

of the disk must NEVER be touched, the magnetic disk inside, must be protected by the

metallic sliding shield, the disk must always be within the temperature of 50° to 140°

Fahrenheit and the disk must never be bought near a magnet! (3M Diskettes)

There are many such hazards to computer disks. Problems caused by magnets are

very common. A floppy can be damaged unknowingly if it is kept near a magnet, that may

be in the open or inside any device, such as a speaker phone in computer speakers or

stereo or a telephone. And becuase of the common use of magnets in everyday life, more

and more floppies are damaged everyday.

Even though protective coverings against magnets and other electrical hazards, are

available for...