Magnolia: Critical Appraisal

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A CRITICAL APPRAISAL OF MAGNOLIA 'Magnolia,' a film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, is one that challenges the 'normal' way movies are made, it doesn't (like normal movies) convey a set storyline, nor does it run in sequence of events, or have a very defined beginning or ending. Magnolia seems to screen many different un-related scenes at once, and the whole movie appears very confusing, when first viewing it.

'Magnolia' explores the chaotic, and hectic lives of various characters within the film. All of these lives appear to be suffering in one way or another from a personal crisis. These lives are explored throughout the movie in a series of simultaneous scenes. None of these scenes appear to be related when we first see the movie, and this makes it very difficult to follow, and comprehend. This is definitely the type of movie that one would have to view more than once to completely understand.

And even then, you may not be thoroughly convinced that you understand the movie, in such great detail as you would like.

'Magnolia' is a very complicated movie. As I have said is doesn't stick with one plot. It seems to jump from scene to scene in a very hectic manner. I believe it is done in this way to convey the reality of these characters lives. The lives of every character, seems to be hectic, and complicated. Very much like the way that all of the different scenes are represented to us.

2 This film conveys many interpretations, and meanings. I believe 'magnolia' is focusing on lives being ruined, or, unfortunate circumstances arising that are unexpected, which in turn, reflects on their lives in a derogatory manner. Then these people try to right wrongs, that occurred, because of them, before they die, or before...