What was the Main cause of the American Revolution

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US History

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Oct. 22nd 2013

What was the main cause of the Revolution?

The main cause of the American Revolution was how the American Colonists began to formulate a new way of thinking that differed from the British.

The problems are just beginning to start as the colonies started having conflicts with Britain regarding the inflation of British Soldiers into the colonist's territories. The colonies were already just starting to form this sense of togetherness in which they improved their interconnections between all of the different colonies. Postal roads, postal services, newly published books and detailed map were some of the many accomplishments that were achieved by the colonists during this period of time. But now due to the overpopulation in London, British peoples were coming over to the colonies. While they were there, the British found the just recently founded structured government to have no comparison to the one that already existed in Britain, and also found it to be more corrupted.

This frustrated the colonists, and they began starting mini revolts that brought notice to the tension between the two societies.

All of those small conflicts started to lead up to bigger discrepancies such as threats of boycotts, conspiracy theories and the confusion between British and American Law. At that point in time, there was a lot of confusion between two very complex legal systems, because America strived for independence started to grow away from British law. This liberation brought with it many conspiracy theories in which people believed that the British were trying to deny them their right to liberty, and thus many boycotts began to occur.

Finally, the next step after the boycotts were the many acts set in place by the British in order to succumb the...