Main characteristics of a marketing orientated organization

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Main characteristics of a marketing orientated organization

Marketing-oriented organization is defined to have characteristics as having focus on customers and the customers are regarded as top of organization chart. Continuous analysis of the marketplace helps them to adapt, promote, and differentiate their products and service to meet customers' needs (Enterprise automation group, accessed 2009). Through satisfying customers, these organizations can get profits. The structure of marketing-oriented organization often has few layers and their policies are not very difficult. Moreover, the strategies of a market oriented organization are generally clear and flexible because it deals with "market definition and selection, positioning and differentiation, and market entry or exit decisions" (Drumwright & Kosnik, 1989). Finally, before making important decisions, organization has to carefully consider the expectations of stakeholders, their perceptions and attitudes.

Analyzing Canon's position, the company is a marketing orientated organization due to having features as customer orientation, design of organization structure, formulation of strategies and stakeholders (Blurtit, accessed 2010).

It can be clearly seen that all of the company's performances are closely related to the characteristics of marketing orientation.

Firstly, all decisions of Canon consider customers first and they share the common value of superior quality of products. Canon attaches special importance to the quality of products and customer's convenience. This care is shown in the commitment of the company: "We are fully committed to earning the trust of customers by providing well-developed services and support along with well-designed products that are easy to use and reliable." (Canon report 2008). According to the scenario, Canon provides products which offer users "not only convenience, quality and versatility but also a unique lifestyle". Furthermore, in Vietnam, Canon centers have been established to provide support services before and after sales for the product line from Canon such as cameras, camcorders,