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Since man has walked on earth, he had always been in conflict with himself and other human beings. For thousands of years, there have been many furious battles fought among rival groups over different issues that seemed big at that time. The end results of each of the conflicts were always pretty much the same: the mass deaths and destruction of civilizations, and horrible physical and emotional impacts on the individuals left to live with the horrors they had faced. The propaganda to convince young men to go to war to fight for their country, the death of their friends, and the physical and emotional breakdown are all part of the modern warfare. False hopes were created for the young soldiers, who were expected to forget all the morals they have learned and go to war to kill everything they see, without a second thought. No previous war at that time had come close to what World War I did to those who fought it.

Although the allies won the war, their losses were massive. Through his novel, "The Wars" Timothy Findley displays the horrible consequences of World War I by showing how the war affected the young men who fought in it and their families back home. This essay will demonstrate the effect that World War I had on Eugene Taffler, Rodwell, and Mrs. Ross.

As Robert Ross first hears of Taffler, he understands that Taffler is a hero even though Taffler's face was not familiar to Robert. This image of Taffler sticks with Robert until the end. During one of the battles, Taffler had his arms shot off. This unfortunate event had a profound effect on Taffler, who is no longer able to live the life he had before the summer of 1914. His injuries forced Taffler to...