The main economic concerns that triggered the American Revolution.

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This essay will talk about the American Revolution, as well as why, and to what extent; economic factors were the primary cause of the Revolution. This essay will talk about the many taxes that the colonies had to endure, the numerous acts that the British imposed onto the Thirteen Colonies, as well as the acts the British imposed in order to pay for the war on the colonies.

The main economic concerns associated with the Thirteen Colonies were related to the Seven Years War. During this war over the colonies the British spent a great deal of money, and after "winning" the colonies, the British had acquired an even larger debt. Because of this fact, the British felt it was necessary to tax the people living in the colonies in order to pay off this enormous debt.

The war was surrounded by the fact that the colonies detested the taxation, while there was no representation from the British Parliament.

It wasn't only the colonies that were taxed for this though; the British citizens also felt the terrible pains of taxation because of the war. It was due to this that many British people felt that it would be better to just get rid of the colonies, while many others felt if they were to pay the taxes now to finance the war that great profits could be made from the colonies. There was a diversity in opinions among the British people, one side in favor of a war because of promising future income, while the other felt that the war was not worth the effort that they were putting in.

There were a number of rebellions to the taxes and acts that the British imposed upon the colonies. One of the main tools for rebelling against the British were...