The main reason why there was little opposition to the Nazi regime was its use of propaganda. explain how far you agree with this statement.

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"The main reason why there was little opposition to the Nazi regime was its use of propaganda." Explain how far you agree with this statement.

From 1933, the Nazi regime and Hitler had almost total control over Germany. However, this was not all because the German public liked them; civilians were subject to an excessive amount of propaganda and the Gestapo. The Gestapo was Hitler's Secret Police, much like the American Secret Service, only the Gestapo was ruthless and carried out murders in the night to whoever opposed the German government Nazi party.

In the day time, propaganda was publicised and used frequently, persuading the German public that the Nazi way of life was the better one. After a while, the party came up with a motto; 'One People, One Nation, One Leader', they used this motto on the bottom of a propaganda poster, shown left; displaying a triumphant dictator, Hitler and his motto.

At night, the Gestapo was sent out to silently murder those who opposed the Nazi regime. When the dissenters slept, the Gestapo would arrive at where they were staying and silently assassinate them. Despite fear of the Gestapo, some German people did speak out and show signs of protest. Despite the mass arrests and executions, the opposition still plotted and planned.

Early in the Nazi regime, Hitler predicted a resistence from the catholic church and so signed an agreement with the pope saying that the Nazis would leave the church alone as long as the church stayed out of politics. Some reverends and preachers disobeyed this deal and held anti-Nazi sermons. These people were then subject to the Gestapo and it soon became clear that if you oppose Hitler; you would be 'dealt' with.

To conclude, I have found that I agree only partly with this statement as I think that there was little opposittion against the Nazi regime due to fear of the Gestapo and propaganda combined. I also think that without the other one, propaganda without the Gestapo or the Gestapo without propaganda, the Nazi party would have fallen very early in there reining campagne.