Mainstream Christianity: Dead Or Alive?

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Many would call themselves "Christians," but what does that really mean? Most of course, profess a belief in Jesus Christ. Few actually read, or more importantly study the bible. This may account for many ineffective "believers" out there, lacking knowledge, and forgetting the most important lesson of all: God is love.

The simple biblical quote, " God is love" is probably the first thing young children are taught. However, many adults toss this by the wayside. Some in mainstream christianity are too complacent. For example, it is easy to judge others from the comfort of the pew. The old saying," unless you've walked a mile in their shoes..." should not be forgotten. Did not Jesus himself receive critism for fraternizing with people of " ill-repute"? However, there is a new interesting phenomena arising.

Oftentimes, one can hear gospel music eminating from public walkways, and the like. These folks have broken away from the mainstream to take a message of hope to the streets.

For example, in Newport Beach, CA, a group of people decided to leave their home in Nashville, TN, to rely completely on God.

This is the type of Christianity that will bring about a positive change to the world. For example, they played heavenly music, not expecting, nor preaching to anyone. Strangely, those who came, came asking to hear the message of God's power and love.

Coincidence? Perhaps, these were kind, non-judgemental people, who were in fact, very talented musicians. Their geniune spirit of love for people seemed to rub off on those who needed it most.

Mainstream Christianity will have to go through some radical changes. Otherwise religion (man-made) is nothing than a noose for one's neck. The authors of these countless moral laws could never follow them either and plan to tie down their gullible followers with "their plan" to get closer to God! Forget it folks, it is written: the works that God requires is this: believe in the one He has sent. It doesnt get any easier than that! A note of caution: don't add an "s" after the word "one" unless you want to get back on the guilt/joy/confusion treadmill.