Maintaining Academic Honesty

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Academic dishonesty is something that all students and faculty members of any school or institution have a concern with. Because colleges, universities and institutions now offer classes online this opens students up to plagiarize and cheat on assignments. Students and Teachers do not interact except online and are not required to meet face-to-face at anytime during the course. Some students may not clearly understand the concept of what plagiarism is and what is not. Many colleges today have come up with some type of program to track all work that has been turned in by students to make sure the work is not copied (Grijalva, Nowell & Kerkvliet, 2006). One service that colleges are now using is called Turnitin which can be accessed through the institutions website or this email address turitin .com. This is a professional service company that has a database of different pages from a variety of sources including journals, web pages of information found on the internet, and papers that have been submitted by other students through this service.

When the papers are submitted through the database they are automatically stored and used to detect plagiarism for future reference.

ResearchOne tool that a writer can use to research papers that need to be written for school is the internet. The only problem with that is one must make sure that all his sources are creditable and one must always cite the sources that will be used in the paper. By having a great deal of information that is readily available to them online, this makes it easy for students to plagiarize their work. Many students have tried and some may have succeeded at getting their work excepted by a teacher who unknowingly did not know that it belonged to someone else. Many colleges today have some...