Major Baseball League Steroid Policy

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The new policy for Major Baseball League Steroid policy is absolutely justifiable. Let’s start with the ethical principles of doing the right things in life. Ever since I remember, the major values that parents, school, and society taught us to, never lie, never cheat and never steal. I believe that using steroids or other physical drugs enchantment is completely unacceptable.

The players are taking a big health risk. Let’s start with; what are steroids? Steroids are a series of chemical or synthetic substance that mimic or substitute the body’s natural produce hormone such testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the growing of muscles and the synthesis of proteins in the body that is used to replenish the muscles and speed up the recovery period, allowing players to come back stronger and train harder. This action allows players to be faster, stronger with greater stamina, faster than an ordinary player with a good diet and exercise.

The use of steroids has its price. Side effects are usually shown with a permanent mortality rate. High blood pressure, liver breakdown, cancer, tumors, shrinking of testicles, lack of fertility and erection disorder are very common. Unusually players are fully aware of those physical consequences as well as mental consequences.

Mental or Psychological consequences are not uncommon, like “roid rage” and aggressive behavior. Players know all those consequences; however they still choose to go for the shortcut to fame and wealth, despite of the consequences. Doctors are usually involved in the illegal steroids uses and monitor the use and perform periodic liver test to prevent damage to the body. Usually some of those side effects do show up years later after the use of them.

Let’s talk about the problems that this situation brings to the public. Those players are public figures and are consider...