The major battles of the state of Arkansas.

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Describe the major battles (Pea Ridge, Helena, Little Rock and one or two others) the commanders, the results of the battles and the result of the battles on the cause of the Union or the cause of the Confederacy.

The major battles of Arkansas were the battles of Pea Ridge, Helena, Little Rock and St. Charles, and Arkansas Post. Each battle had different commanding officers and results were either from the Union or Confederate armies.

The first major battle of Arkansas was the Battle of Pea Ridge (Elkhorn Tavern). The Battle of Pea Ridge was a land battle won by the union in March of 1862. The commanding officers for the two opposing sides were Major General Samuel R. Curtis for the Union, and Major General Earl Van Dorn for the Confederacy. The Battle of Pea Ridge was located in Benton County, Arkansas. There were approximately 4,600 confederate casualties and 1,400 causalities for the union.

The second major battle of Arkansas was the Battle of Helena. The Battle of Helena was also another land victory by the union soldiers. The commanding officers for this battle were Major General Benjamin Prentiss for the union, and for the Confederacy- Lieutenant General Theophilis H. Holmes. The Battle of Helena was located in Phillips County, Arkansas. The Union took over Helena because of its easy access to the Mississippi River. There were approximately 206 casualties by the Union and 1,636 casualties by the Confederates.

The third major battle of Arkansas was the Battle of Little Rock. Yet another union victory under the command of Brig. General John W. Davidson and Brig. General John S. Marmaduke for the Confederate. This battle took place in Pulaski County Arkansas. The campaign for the battle was to advance on Arkansas's capital city, Little Rock, Arkansas. The total...