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Major League Baseball is a popular sport with many fans. The league consists of 30 Major League Baseball teams with each team needing time and money to recruit the best players for each of the franchises. Each team wants to recruit a winning team able to win the World Series, which will help create more revenue for the city and team. The alpha hypothesis test is going to help Team A conduct research to determine whether the millions of dollars spent on salaries to recruit the best players will give a Major League Baseball team the advantage to help have better league standings.

HypothesisThe chart (figure 1) shows the team payroll, average salary per player, standings, and winning percentage of the 30 Major League Baseball teams. The alpha hypothesis Team A is researching on whether or not the Major League Baseball teams with the higher salaries have better league standings.

Figures were obtained by The Associated Press from management and player sources and include salaries and pro-rated shares of signing bonuses. In some cases, parts of salaries deferred without interest are discounted to reflect present-day values. When testing the hypothesis the parameter to be tested is if higher paid baseball players bring more wins to a franchise. When determining the value of the parameter that pushes the decision one way or the other Team A compared the salaries and winning percentage of the team.

Figure 1.

Rank TeamTeam PayrollAverage per PlayerWinsLossesWinning PercentageDivision1New York Yankees$209,081,579 $6,744,567 89730.5494AL - East2Detroit Tigers$138,685,197 $4,622,840 74880.4568AL - Cent3New York Mets$138,293,378 $4,609,779 89730.5494NL - East4Boston Red Sox$133,440,037 $4,765,716 95670.5864AL - East5Chicago White Sox$121,152,667 $4,487,136 89740.5460AL - Cent6Los Angeles Angels$119,216,333 $4,110,908 100620.6173AL - West7Chicago Cubs$118,595,833 $4,392,438 97640.6025AL - West8Los Angeles Dodgers$118,536,038 $4,233,430 84780.5185NL - west9Seattle Mariners$117,993,982 $4,538,230 611010.3765AL - West10Atlanta Braves$102,424,018 $3,414,134 72900.4444NL - East11St. Louis Cardinals$100,624,450...