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Nathaniel Hawthorne?s story, ?My Kinsman- Major Molineux? from the Twice Told Tales published in 1832, is the story of a young British country boy who goes by the name of Robin, who is in search of his kinsman, Major Molineux. The story details Robin?s string of encounters with townspeople in his search for the Major. With each encounter the nativity that Robin arrives with diminishes, and he becomes more enlightened about his own life?s dreams.

The ferryman approaches the landing that Robin quietly awaits, eagerly waiting for him to take him over to the city of his kinsmen. The young, naïve Robin wonders off the boat into the city of London, not knowing which direction to turn or where to start the search for the Major. As he wonders through the streets of London, he is in search for the first native he spots. As he is walking through the streets, e grabs an older man who supports himself with cane to ask him the simple question of where he may find his kinsman, Major Molineux. The older man gives him a disgusted look and turns around and walks off in the other direction. Although Robin is left puzzled, he continues his journey.

Robin is then left wondering through the narrow streets of London, still having no known direction of where to find Major Molineux. He follows the voices of cheer and the aroma of the food into an Inn. At first the Inn Keeper is very warm and welcoming wanting his companionship, but that is before the simple question is asked. Once the words of Major Molineux were to come out of Robin?s mouth, a hush fell over the crowd. Just like the first encounter, the innkeeper told him to leave and continue on...