Major ways my grand mother influenced me

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Mrs. Grace Iriabgonse Idemudia of blessed memory was my grandma full of beauty, hard work and integrity. My grandmother lived as a model to her children and grandchildren especially me. She was a woman of substance , love, and compassion. She lived an exemplary life for me to follow. Her life was an open book, which anyone could read, and I still read it ten years after her death. Her striking appearance was as bright as the morning sun, she was as beautiful as a goddess. The most beautiful thing in her was her striking rich, dark black hair that rested on her shoulders. Her eyes where so brown like fallen leaves and her smile so unique. She had a glowing dark skin, the real ebony beauty which made her shone the more. Accompanied with these beautiful attributes, I was highly influenced by her high moral standard, which has lead me far in life.

My grandmother was a very hardworking and tireless woman. She did not encourage laziness or lackadaisical behavior. She owned a grocery store , as well as being a nurse and a homemaker. She created time to run the store , her job and her home perfectly. It was a mystery to me how she could cope with her chores ,and knew when to do first things first. She loved hard work and taught me how to be hardworking too. She could farm, teach, cook, be a good house wife and a lovely grandmother all at the same time. She was a disciplinarian. She taught me that without hard work, it was impossible to succeed .So I strived to become a hard worker, which helped me in my teenage years, especially in high school. I learnt from...