Make a comparative study between the passionate shepherd to his love and the nymph's reply to the shepherd

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In the passionate shepherd the speaker is shepherd and in nymph's reply here the speaker is the nymph the young girl. The address is the shepherd.

In the passionate shepherd here the shepherd offers his beloved many things. But nymph's analysis's these things with reality.

In nymphs reply,

*Alliteration- ex: "flocks from field to fold"

*repition of initial consonant sounds- ex: "flowers" and "fade", "wayward" and "winter", "spring" and "sorrow", "fancy" and "fall".

Rhyme skip is

Aabb ccdd

In passionate shepherd here the shepherd promises many imaginary things.

But in nymphs reply here the poet wishes to know that his promises are not possible because time changes.


Marl owe portrayed many imagery things. Ex--rocks, bed of roses, a cap of flowers etc.

But Raleigh use many imagery thing The images are real, but are taken from the Passionate Shepherd to His love, and go beyond their meaning.

The effect of time on these objects is representative of all change. Coral claps and rivers rage is given a mental picture.

Although there are many pleasant sounding words in the poem there are all derived from the shepherds promises.

Here the passionate shepherd asks her to come and live with her. "The Passionate Shepherd..." is the story of a man trying to convince the lady he loves to spend the rest of her life with him. He describes the happiness that will surround them and the beauty they will live with the rest of their lives,

He propose to take her in the midst of nature .he will roam with her in hills, mountains and many other places that are full of scenic beauty. They will sit on the rock and enjoy the sweet song of the melodious. He further promises to mark her a bed of...