To Make Persuasive Advertisement in modern world and society and some techniques for advertisements.

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To Make Persuasive Advertisement

Advertising is the act of marketing products. For years, value of advertisements have increased because people want to know a lot about what they will buy. Consumers always want lots of choices because quality and choices are parallel to each other. Depending on the development in advertising, the varieties of techniques have increased. Because of these reasons, advertisements include many kinds of techniques, in order to analyse some of these techniques, two advertisements will be discussed. One of them is Glow, a perfume by Jennifer Lopez and the other one is Mint Skittles, a brand of chewing gums. The first advertisement includes transfer, metaphor, similarity, emotional words, consistency and visual appeal methods and the latter one employs metaphor, direct address, repetition and visual appeal.

The first advertisement works almost entirely by the use of transfer method. Advertisers hope that the consumer will tend to transfer these qualities to the products and themselves and purchase the item.

( So they use the names or pictures of a famous person to persuade consumers. Then, the first way that metaphor is used is to associate Jennifer Lopez with the product. Jennifer Lopez is the symbol of being beautiful and sexy. Many women want to be like her and she has lots of fans all over the world. Another important point is the place, which the advertisement sets in. The bathroom gives people the message as being fresh and clean. People feel more sexy in their bath because they are alone and fresh there. The other point in the advertisement is the jewellery over the bottle which symbolises richness and nobility. The perfume bottle which is at the bottom, is similar to Jennifer Lopez's body. Moreover, they have used emotional words as "Fresh-Sexy-Clean". These are keywords for all women...