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Knowledge and Skills The number of skills which makeup artists have; are endless, but years and years of practice are required to become a creative and successful artist. Patience and timing are just two of this career's necessities; you need these qualities just to be able to learn the basics. Most makeup artists learn the latest methods of makeup application, such as shading, toning, contouring and other methods to disguise or compliment the face, at trade schools.

The majority of creative makeup artists also learn special effects makeup (mostly used in television and movies), they learn how to contour the actor's image using makeup and prosthetics. A makeup artist's ability to find work is based mostly on their reputation, efficiency, and expertise. Working in film and theatre, the artist must work with a team of costume and clothing designers to get the full effect and create the look that is needed.

Excessive research based on timing and setting are involved with this line of work in order to create the appropriate look.

Education There are no educational requirements for being a makeup artist, although courses in art history, photography, visual arts, anatomy, will boast knowledge and interest. Also a lot of practice will extend skills and allow you to create a portfolio to present to future employers.

Working Conditions Working in the television and film industry you are expected to work fourteen hour days and seventy hour weeks. In the winter time, production slows down and this opens up areas of work in fashion and magazines. A regular day working in fashion would be seven to eight hours a day doing the same techniques repeatedly. All makeup artists must be flexible and be available for evening and weekend shows. Along with the long hours makeup artists have a minimum budget to stick to, a certain amount of products and labour must be used to meet the correct amount of money.

Salary "¢ Retail cosmetic sales clerk : $15,000 "“ 25,000 annually "¢ Established freelance makeup artist : $25,000 "“ 50,000 "¢ Special effects technician : $50,000 "“ 80,000 Information IASTSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employers) 1430 Broadway blvd 20th floor New York, NY 10018 Canadian Office 258 Adelaide Street East Suite 403 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5A 1N1