Make up a myth story that explains why something in our world happens the way it does.

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Since the beginning of mankind, humans have always wondered why birds chirp. The weird thing about birds chirping is that they sound like they are singing. Many people wonder why that is so. However, the answer lies in "The Sound of Birds" myth. There is a story behind the reason birds use chirping to communicate.

A long time ago, before the first real humans ever existed, birds used to actually speak the animal language that all animals use to communicate. The race of birds lived peacefully among other animals speaking the same language. Birds lived as one race together but were separated by equal tribes. Each tribe had its own leader and these tribes lived in harmony together under their group of laws, which was called the pact of the birds. The pact of the birds included laws about behaving, how to act, and the most important rule, which was to never travel to the land of the Sea People.

There was a bird by the name of Darius who despised these rules because he thought it was unfair to not be able to travel to the land of the Sea People. Darius was part of the group called The Elks, which was lead by the tribe leader Elkanson. So it all started when Darius broke the pact of the birds.


Darius had always been curious what is at the land of the Sea People. He decided the pact of the birds were dumb and decided to go and check out the Sea People's place.So Darius flew for many miles going away from his home until he finally reached a large area filled with mist. The wrath of the mist made Darius hesitant for a little while, but then he decided he wasn't about to chicken out and flew right into the mist. Just in time, Darius noticed the mermaid looking Sea People and stealthily flew over them without being seen. Out of the corner of his eye, Darius noticed a large room guarded by many Sea People. He decided to check it out and without making any noise, he flew right over the guards and into the room. It was a dream come true for Darius, because the room was filled with many shiny objects that included diamonds, gems, gold jewelry, and lots of shiny objects. Quickly, Darius stuffed all the jewelry he could hold in his mouth, on his back, and in his talons. As he was about to leave, Darius noticed a very shiny pearl necklace, and decided to grab it and put it on his last pinky talon. Darius quickly left the treasure room and flew away from the Sea People's land. Darius was singing the whole time on his way back home. But Darius didn't know that the Sea People's god, Raiden, had seen him and was even angrier when he saw Darius singing.

Darius returned from his journey and excitedly showed his treasures to his whole tribe. However, back at the Sea People's land, Raiden was very angry. This was the first time someone had stolen from the Sea Peoples. So Raiden called upon the forces of the Sea, and with a splash he was right at the Elks' region. All the birds were scared and surprised as to why one of the Sea People would come to their area, especially their god. Raiden raised his trident and spoke to the birds as to what would happen to them. He said that because of Darius's actions, the whole race of birds would have to suffer the consequences. Raiden said to the birds that they would no longer speak the animal language. And because Darius was happily singing on his journey home, Raiden made the language of birds sound like singing to all others. With another splash, Raiden was gone back to his land, and all of the birds had suffered the consequences of Darius's actions.

Because of Darius's greed for treasure, birds could no longer understand other animals and so had their unique language of chirping. The fate of the birds was doomed because of one bird's actions. This is the story behind the reason why birds chirp and sound like they are singing. This is the myth about the chirping of birds and the reason why their chirping sounds like singing to other animals and people.