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There is an array of things that are assessed in starting a successful business. When viewing the success of Dale Northrup who decided to open the Percy Inn in Portland, Maine, after being a critic and editor for hotels and cruise ships all over the world, it becomes very apparent that a great deal of work goes into starting a successful business. A business owner must first determine the reasons in which they want to start a business. The owner must determine what entrepreneurial characteristics they possess that will promote the success of their business. Next, a niche and market must be determined. This paper will give details of how Dale Northrup, owner and manager of Percy Inn decided to open a successful business using his entrepreneurial skills and background in the travel and lodging market to create wealth, a sense of pride, and an attractive venture to investors.

When Dale decided to open the Percy Inn, he had to consider several reasons to take the risk as an entrepreneur. Like many entrepreneurs, Dale probably thought the top advantages to starting Percy Inn was the flexibility, freedom, and better income along with pride of ownership, retention of control, and the retention of ownership. Dale Northrup traveled all over the world and wrote 23,000 hotel reviews for travel agent hotel guides in 70 countries (Percy, About the Inn), so he is truly an expert on the travel and lodge industry. Being given the opportunity to use his expertise in the industry and own the famous Percy Inn located in Portland, Maine, Dale has a huge sense of pride for his ownership and management. Dale also has other lodging options that include his cottage on the Southern Maine coast as well as chic condominiums overlooking Biscayne Bay in South Florida...