The Make-a-Wish Foundation. Report written on the Make a Wish Foundation for Junior Year History

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Make A Wish Foundation

The Make a Wish foundation originated in 1980 when a seven-year-old boy named Chris was diagnosed with Leukemia. More than anything in the world, what Chris wanted most before he died was to be a motorcycle policeman. Considering the age circumstances and the impossibility of Chris having such an adult job, friends of Chris' family flew him to Arizona in a helicopter, and from the airport where he landed was put in a police car. Following his ride in the police car, Chris's wish then came true, he got to sit and ride on a motorcycle through the town with the sirens flashing.

Later that day, Chris was initiated as an honorary Arizona Highway Patrolman in the state's history, complete with a Smoky-the-Bear hat, his own official badge and signed honorary membership certificate.

After being sworn in, Chris returned home. That next day, a motorcycle was delivered to Chris's house.

After receiving the motorcycle, he was presented with a custom-made highway patrol uniform, motorcycle helmet and his 'wings' badge, which he had earned on a specially designed course that was located in his family's driveway. Sadly, immediately following his earning of this badge, merely two days later the Leukemia worsened. Within three days, the Leukemia has caused the death of the seven year old.

Routinely, Chris was buried with full police honors. He lay in his coffin with his police uniform on and his badge. This concept of making one last dieing with was observed by two officers who attended Chris's burial; these men felt that if a child could benefit as much as Chris did, than why not give them a chance to. This inspiration by these two gentlemen was the beginning of The Make a Wish Foundation.

The mission statement of The Make a...