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Anger is an emotion that, we can some what control. It's a negative experience so closely bound to pain and depression that it can sometimes be hard to know where one of these experiences end and the others begin. When I'm angry, it leads to a classic way of making others pay for my own emotional deficits. Sadly, it provides me with an impulse to pass pain along to others. But on the other hand, it can be the motivating force that moves people to action. However, there are good and bad actions and it is important to distinguish between the two.

I'm a very passive person therefore it takes a lot to make me angry or upset. But what does make me angry is when people take advantage of me, when you give them a finger and they take the whole hand. When people don't appreciate the things that are given to them, like family, friends, food, shelter and love.

This makes me angry, but then again these are things you can't control and if you were to control them, then there wouldn't be such a thing called anger. I see anger as the result beliefs that lead you to place unreasonable demands on circumstances, such as the beliefs that life must be perfect.

There are number of actions I can take to keep anger from eroding my life. First, of course, to identify what is making me angry and to acknowledge it. I then stop, and capture them in words, or else I lose them and I don't even know I had them. I make myself aware of the purposes my anger serves. Most of the time anger lead you to nothing but good, in both your mentally and physical state. So I view my anger as...