What makes Emily Dickinson So different from other poets during her century.

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The Essence of Emily Dickinson’s PoetryEmily Dickinson published exactly ten out of one thousand and eight hundred poems during her lifetime. Though a poetic genius of her time, Dickinson was suppressed and neglected. However, this in no way bothered Dickinson, she lacked all concern for an audience. The main reason for this being because she was an extremely private person. She wrote mostly for herself, and loved ones. What captures Emily’s poetry is her emphasis on the topic of emotion and pain, the influence captured from subjects and events, and her unique style of mechanics.

Dickinson is known for the usage of emotion in her poetry. One topic she wrote about was death. “Early on in Emily’s career she was capable of pressing her reflections on the precise moment of death into remarkably concise expressions,” stated Porter(67). In many poems, Dickinson doesn’t just talk of death, she personifies it. An example is the poem “Because I could not stop for Death.”

Dying is compared to an unexpected ride in a horse-drawn carriage(Daniel 391). Also, Dickinson thought the suffering involved in personal relationships captured the impulse of poetry(Chase 191). This idea of pain expressed in the poetry of Dickinson is seen in the poem “Heart! We will forget him.” In the following stanza:“When you have done, pray tell meThat I may straight begin!Haste! Lest while you’re laggingI remember him!”(Johnson 5)We can tell that she’s suffering from the memories of a past lover. Dickinson wants her heart to forget about him, so that her mind may do the same. All her life, Dickinson was never married, but spoke very often of a lover in her poetry. However, attempting to relate any of her love poems to a particular man will always be precarious(Chase 153). Although many of her poems speak of a...