What Makes an Excellent Teacher?

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What Makes an Excellent Teacher?

There are many teachers who are capable of providing students with the necessary information needed to be learned in school. Out of those many, there are a few special ones who always stand out. Students usually refer to them as excellent teachers. Many different characteristics combine together to create this exceptional individual and extraordinary teacher.

A great teacher must be fair to absolutely everyone. This includes treating every student with the same respect; having no favourites. Teachers who do this will almost always receive that respect in return from the students. This helps the class function well so the student will learn more. They also create fair guidelines and rules for the classroom. Along with these come reasonable punishments in case they are broken. A great teacher is understanding and knows when to bend the rules a little. For instance, when a student has many extracurricular activities it may be difficult to get all there homework done on time; an excellent teacher would recognize this and talk to the student about it.

If teachers are not fair with all of their students, they will not get the respect they desire. This in turn leads to difficulties in the classroom and disobliging students. The reason why students do not enjoy unfair teachers is that they do not understand that students have other obligations after class sometimes.

Positive attitudes towards school, learning and life are one of the most important qualities of and extraordinary teacher. Their attitude makes students excited to come to class and they look forward to learning new, interesting material. These teachers encourage their students to explore new things and make learning into something enjoyable instead of mandatory. These teachers usually incorporate their unique personalities into their occupation which students will obviously see and benefit from it. Teachers who display bad or negative attitudes make the classroom a dull boring environment for the students. They have a significant amount of influence on their students; it depends on the interest level of the teacher to determine if the student will be interested in the subject or not.

A student can easily tell when a teacher has a passion for their career. They have a wide knowledge about their subject and demonstrate ideas in an interesting creative way. For these teachers, it is extremely important that students succeed in school and have an interest for it as well. They go out of their way to create new and exciting ways to teach and help students learn.

The key to being an excellent teacher is to have every one of these characteristics. If a teacher is missing one or two of them I do not think they have enough to be the best teacher they could possibly be.